Pixel 6 Trade-In Deals Are Live, Bad News If You're Trading A Pixel 3

Google Pixel 6 AM AH 5

Since the Google Pixel 6 duo of phones has finally gone on sale, this means that you can trade-in your old phone to help finance a shiny new Pixel. According to 9To5Google, Google just showed its trade-in deals for the Pixel 6, and you might get disappointing returns with certain phones.

The Pixel 6 trade-in deals can go north of $600

Obviously, you’ll get more money for newer, more popular, and more pristine phones. If you’re planning on trading in your Nexus 5, you might have a bad time. However, according to the report, if you have a 512GB iPhone 12 Pro Max in good condition, you’ll be able to get up to a $633 trade-in value. That will more than pay for a base-level Pixel 6.

The trade-in for newer Galaxy phones like the Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy S20 Ultra will pay out $494 and $473 respectively. This will get you most of the way to a Pixel 6 and basically halve the price of a Pixel 6 Pro. If you’re upgrading from a Pixel 5, you’ll be able to trade one in for between $366 and $400.


But, the story isn’t all good

If you’re planning on trading in older Pixel phones, you might be sorely disappointed. Understandably, you’re going to get diminishing returns the further back you go. Trying to trade in a Pixel 3 will take up to $75 off of the price (up to $84 for a 3 XL). Trading in a Pixel 2 XL in good condition will get you up to $54 dollars.

To be honest, for some of those deals, you might actually be better off just selling your old phone on an online thrift shop. You might be able to get more money.

Also according to the report, if you’re planning on trading in an LG phone, you might be better off just keeping it. The $999 LG Wing will only get you a max of $175 for a trade-in. Though it’s sad to see that, it’s understandable because LG phones’ trade-in value tanked after the company shut down its smartphone division.


Order your Pixel 6 now!

If you’re pinning after a Pixel 6, then you can order one now. Google and third-party vendors are offering the phone, and some of them offer deals and discounts to sweeten the pot. Target has a stellar pre-order deal where if you order a Pixel 6 (or Pro) and a pair of Pixel Buds A, you’ll get $99 off the order. Essentially, you’re getting the Pixel buds for free.

These two phones really undercut the competition in terms of price. The Pixel 6 starts off at $599, while the Pro model starts off at $899. If you have a good enough phone, you can capitalize on the Pixel 6 trade-in deals.