Pixel 6 Pro Supply Is Scarce As Google Struggles With High Demand

Google Pixel 6 pro Review AM AH 16

Google did a lot of work and marketing to make the Pixel 6 phones sell well, and it looks like the company got its wish. The company is really having trouble keeping the Pixel 6 Pro in stock for users. On the Google Store, Google put a short notice which warns that supply is limited.

The Pixel 6 Pro has limited stock on the Google Store

According to reviewers, it seems that the base model Pixel 6 is the more tempting of the two phones. Those using the Pixel 6 Pro find it tough to justify the $300 jump in price over the base model.

Regardless, it seems that the Pixel 6 Pro is selling out everywhere. Google is really struggling to keep these phones on shelves. It’s so bad that the company has to warn people who visit the store that supply is really limited. “Due to high demand, some Pixel 6 Pro models may be out of stock or have long delivery times. Get notified when they’re back in stock, or check out other authorized retailers who may have them available.”


Google started a waitlist

Right next to the notice, there’s the option to add the Pixel 6 Pro to a waitlist. This is a new addition to the store and it will let people when these phones become available. You will get a notification when more Pixel 6 Pro stock comes in, so you can act on it quickly.

How are things at third-party retailers? In a word, BAD

If you try looking elsewhere for the Pixel 6 Pro, you’re not going to have much luck. According to 9To5Google, the top third-party retailers are also having major trouble keeping this phone in stock. Online retailers like Best Buy, B&H Photo, and Target have the phone marked as either “sold out” or “coming soon.” Carriers aren’t fairing better at all.

This is thanks to high demand and the scalpers…

This issue arose from a combination of high demand and scalpers. There were scalper posts being put up as early as day one, selling the phone for more than double what it’s worth. Some Redditors are reporting listings of upwards of $1899, a full $1000 more than the original price.


Suffice to say, this is really frustrating for the people who really want this phone. Unfortunately, there’s no word on whether any retailers could do anything about this issue. This only makes a bad situation worse because we still have the chip shortage hovering above our heads.

Only time will tell if we will be able to see these phones back in stock. Until then, be sure to add yourself to the waitlist.