[UPDATE: Second Hole Punch] Pixel 6 Issues: Odd Screen Flickers, Pink & Green Tints, And More

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UPDATE: add a second punch hole to a list of Pixel 6 Pro issues. A Twitter user, Mark Schramm, reported this issue, along with a video of the problem. He noted that poking it doesn’t make it bleed or warp, and debut drawing over it didn’t work. He thinks this is not display damage, it could be a software problem. Regardless, Google Store replaced his unit, so that’s not a problem for him anymore. If you end up having a similar issue, you can request a replacement from Google.

ORIGINAL STORY: Google started shipping out Pixel 6 and 6 Pro handsets quite recently, and some issues / glitches have already been spotted by users. This seems to be a regular occurrence every year, though every phone release has issues. Google’s Pixel phones are usually under a microscope, though, as are iPhones, and Samsung’s Galaxy flagships.

Several Pixel 6 glitches / issues have been reported thus far

So, what’s being said? Well, users have been reporting some odd glitches with the Pixel 6 handsets. On Reddit, users have been complaining about an odd screen glitch. Luckily, this one happens only when the phone is off.


When pressing the power / lock button, there are some sort of green horizontal flickers on the display. This would be a true issue if it happened while the phone is on, but luckily it does not, it seems. More than one user reported this, by the way.

That being said, there also seems to be an issue with some pink and green tints on the Pixel 6 display. A Twitter user reported this, and said that under a specific angle, you can see both pink and green tints on the display. Luckily, this is not the case when looking at it head-on, or something of the sort.



On top of that, one of my colleagues got a Pixel 6 Pro from Verizon, and is having a rather peculiar issue. The security update (around 34MB) took an age to download for some reason. This could be related to either Verizon or Google servers, though. Still, downloading a 34MB update on Google Fiber connection for over an hour is just mind-boggling.

More issues may appear as more users get their devices

We presume that more issues will pop up as users continue receiving their units. As already mentioned, every phone launch has its issues, and these are hopefully not widespread.

These issues sure are odd, but they don’t have to be deal breakers. One issue is present only when the device is powered down, while the other only occurs when you’re looking at the display from odd angles. In regards to the aforementioned update, you won’t be updating your phone all the time, not to mention this could be an issue with Verizon’s unit only, or a one-time problem, we’ll see.


I’m not trying to defend Google, not at all. This should not be happening, especially if it ends up being widespread. Some faulty units can happen, but if it ends up being widespread, then the issue lies in Google’s quality testing. It remains to be seen.