Pixel 6 Phones Bring Diversity With Real Tone

Pixel 6 Pro Case 2

With the introduction of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Google also introduced ways to help its camera better expose people with darker complexions. According to CNET, it’s called Real Tone, and it aims to add more diversity to mobile digital photography.

The Pixel 6 with Real Tone address an issue within the digital photography industry

There’s an ongoing issue within the digital photography industry. Companies usually test out camera sensors on people with lighter skin tones. While it works for most scenarios thus far, it leaves a pretty big hole in the tapestry. They’re not properly calibrated to work with people with darker skin tones.

This means that when a camera is taking pictures of darker people, it will have trouble properly exposing them. This is an issue that Google has acknowledged and wants to fix.


Real Tone isn’t a dedicated technology used to make photos better. It’s more of a general philosophy surrounding how the Pixel 6 takes photos. Google got into contact with numerous photographers who specialize in working with darker skin tones and they gave their input.

The photographers took thousands of pictures of people with varying skin tones. They took them in different and challenging lighting conditions.

The point of Real Tone is to expose Google’s AI to a larger variety of skin tones for the Pixel 6. Because of that, according to Google, the company’s image data sets are 25-times more diverse.


If you want to get a good pre-order deal on the Pixel 6, Target has something for you

Now that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are available to order, third-party vendors are offering their own unique deals. Right now, Target has a pretty good-looking deal for people who also want to pick up some earbuds. If you buy any model of the Pixel 6 with a pair of Pixel Buds A, you’ll get $99 off the order.

What makes this deal great is the fact that the Pixel Buds themselves are $99, so you’re essentially getting them for free. You will still need to pay the tax on the Pixel Buds A, but a discount is a discount.

These deals go even further because the Pixel 6 phones are a lot less than we thought they were going to be. The base model Pixel 6 is only $599. It has a 1080p+ display, 8GB of RAM, up to 265GB of storage with a dual-camera setup.


As for the Pro, it’s a bit higher at $899. With it, you get a larger 1440p+ display with 12GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage with a triple camera setup.