Pixel 6 Gets Unboxed Before Google Announces It

pixel 6 unboxing leak

Google has never been great with stopping leaks, or even stopping retailers from listing and selling its new products early. Last year, a number of people were able to buy a Chromecast with Google TV at Lowes and The Home Depot ahead of Google’s event. This year, it appears that a retailer in Romania is doing the same thing with the Pixel 6.

Twitter user @CristianDimboiu has apparently acquired the Pixel 6 and has unboxed it. This is the “Sorta Seafoam” color.

Unboxing shows zero surprises

The unboxing experience isn’t anything we didn’t expect from Google. Basically, as soon as you open the box, you see the Pixel 6. Below the Pixel 6 is the paperwork that no one reads, followed by the USB-C to USB-C cable, and the USB OTG adapter. And that is it.


Remember, Google stated a few months ago, when it sorta announced the Pixel 6, that there would be no charger in the box. And that is the case here. It’s not a surprise, but rather unfortunate, as a lot of people still expect to get a charger in the box with a new phone.

Expect the Pixel 6 Pro unboxing to be very similar, just with a larger smartphone inside.

Google is going to be announcing the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro tomorrow at a virtual event. The event starts at 10AM PT, and we expect that pre-orders will open tomorrow as well. Apparently, the devices will be available starting on October 28. Which is actually a pretty quick turnaround even for Google. Typically, it’s a few weeks or even a few month before the devices are actually available. This is good for Google though.


There is a lot of hype around the Pixel 6 this year, even moreso than usual. Pixel – and before that, Nexus – always had a lot of hype. Because it’s a phone that Google is making and selling. But this year, that hype is much higher than usual. We’ll see tomorrow if that hype is for nothing, or if it is justified.