Check Out Pixel 6 Features In Action: Quick Phrases, Magic Eraser & More

Google Pixel 6 Pro AM AH 05

So, the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro got announced a couple of days ago. They do ship with Android 12, and bring a number of new features to the table. Many reviewers have review units at this point, but they’re still not allowed to show you much of the software due to an embargo. That being said, thanks to the Pixel Tips app, you can check out various features now. Mishaal Rahman found that out, and shared short videos of a number of Pixel 6 features via Twitter.

The Pixel 6 features get shown in a number of videos taken from the Pixel Tips app

He shared all that in a single thread which you can access below. There are a ton of videos here, actually, so you can see pretty much everything the Pixel 6 devices deliver. Do note that some of these features are not new, of course, though they may look a bit different now.

The first video shows you to change the language in Live Caption. The UI has been changed here, so you can see the changes that Android 12 brings to the table.

You’ll also get to see the official demo of Quick Phrases, and Assistant voice typing. The Direct My Call feature is also shown inside the Pixel Tips app, and the same goes for Live Translate in the camera.


Magic Eraser is one of the features demoed here

If you’re wondering how Google Assistant’s interpreter mode works, that’s not a problem, even though this is not new. The Live Translate in messaging apps is also detailed in one of the videos, and the same goes for Magic Eraser. That feature is one of the most interesting ones that the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro deliver, and it will be interesting to see how well it works.

You can also check out the Security settings UI, and a new At A Glance widget that has been changed for Android 12. That’s pretty much everything Mishaal Rahman shared.

The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are already available to pre-order. Google did have some initial issues with the site due to a huge number of people trying to pre-order. Some variants of the device are sold out, in some regions, and the ‘Pro’ model seems to be more difficult to come by.


Google does offer a waitlist now, so if you weren’t able to get the variant you wanted via the Google Store, you can join the waitlist.