Philo Is Now Integrated Into Google TV 'Live' Tab

amazon fire philo app

Google TV lets you aggregate and organize content from numerous sources. There are dozens of choices when it comes to integrated streaming services on Google’s redesigned TV platform. Philo is one of them, and that integration is growing deeper now. The company has announced that all Philo channels and content will be fully integrated into Google TV over the next couple of days.

Philo has been available on Google TV for some time now. Users could link a Philo account to the platform and stream on-demand content. The company is now taking this integration up a notch by adding support for the live TV guide on the Google TV homescreen.

“Philo subscribers using Google TV can now easily access their ‘must see’ shows and favorite Philo channels directly from the Live tab, and see customized recommendations of more great Philo content to watch in the For You tab,” the company said.


Users would require to link their Philo account to Google TV through the Your Services menu in the Google TV Settings, under the Accounts section. Once done, you can play Philo channels by selecting the Live tab on Google TV.

Google TV initially only offered content from YouTube TV under the Live tab on the homescreen. It let users stream content from a subscribed and linked YouTube TV account within the app. Google expanded the support to Sling TV in June this year. Philo is now gaining this integration as well. As the company says, Philo content will also be available under the For You tab on Google TV.

Philo gains deeper integration with Google TV

Philo is one of the cheapest live TV streaming services currently, if not the outright cheapest. For $25 per month, it offers a pretty decent selection of more than 60 channels ranging from lifestyle and entertainment to news and more. You have access to channels like HGTV, Discovery, Nickelodeon, BBC America, World News, Lifetime Movie Channel, and many more.


It also offers a large library of on-demand content and allows three separate streams on three different devices. You can add up to 10 profiles to one Philo account. It lacks on sports channels but that’s to be expected at the price you’re paying.

In terms of device support, you can access Philo on all Android and Android TV devices, Amazon Fire Tablets, Fire TV, Apple TV, iPhones, iPad, Roku, Chromecast built-in devices, and on the web. And with the latest change, it will be much easier to find Philo content on Google TV as well. If you’re a Philo user with a Google TV device, you can expect this integration to go live for you in the coming days if it hasn’t already.