Palm Is Releasing A New Product, But It's Not What You Think

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Palm is one of those companies that are far past their heyday, but it continues to prosper. Just recently, the company posted a tweet, advertising a new product. Unfortunately, it’s not a new smartphone.

Palm blurred this new product in the Tweet, but we can pretty much tell what it is

In the Tweet, we see a picture with the text “We’ve been busy” on top of the blurred image of the new device. Behind the text, we see what looks like a collection of different totally wireless earbuds. Though they’ve been blurred, we can still make them out.

Judging from the shape of the buds, Palm took inspiration from the AirPods’ aesthetic. The bottom of the earbuds go downward and appear to taper off a bit. It’s hard to tell much from the image, but on the bottom right, we see what looks like a loop. This might just be the loop for the charging case.


The specs are still a mystery at this point

Now that we know the new Palm product is a pair of earbuds, we’re all wondering if people will be interested in buying them. Since we’re only going off of a picture, we have no information on the specs. If Palm wants these to sell, they will need to have good specs at a good price because there is a lot of competition out there.

The top specs that people look for are good sound quality, good battery life, and active noise cancellation. Having all of these specs can run the price up to over $150 for most brands. Since Palm will be in competition with other brands such as Google, Samsung, OnePlus, and Apple, the price will need to be reasonable.

We won’t have to wait long to see this in action

We can’t deny that there will be some people looking forward to these earbuds. For the people who follow every new Palm product, there’s not long to wait until these hit the shelves.


In the picture, we see the possible launch date under the text. It’s set for October 26th, which is less than two weeks away. Regardless, we will hopefully get some information about these earbuds sometime before then.

There’s still a small community of people who want the company to make a comeback. Palm was a really large company back in the ’90s, being a leader in the PDA industry. The company was, unfortunately, not able to survive in the current smartphone environment. However, for all we know, this could be the start of a big comeback plan for the company.