OPPO Aims To Launch Both Foldable & Rollable Smartphones, And A Tablet

OPPO X 2021 image 4

OPPO has big plans moving forward. The company already announced its first rollable smartphone, though it’s not available for purchase. The OPPO X 2021 arrived last year. Based on a new report, OPPO is planning to launch both foldable and rollable smartphones that will be available to consumers. The company is also planning to include itself in the tablet market.

OPPO plans to launch both foldable & rollable smartphones, on top of delivering its first tablet

Now, based on this rumor, OPPO will announce its tablet next year. When it comes to a foldable and a rollable smartphone, well, we still don’t know, but those are likely coming in 2022 as well. That information comes from Sina Technology, by the way.

Just to be clear, the information regarding a foldable and a rollable smartphone comes directly from OPPO’s exec, the company’s VR, Liu Bo, claims Sina Technology. The tablet information does not.


A tablet-specific OS is also in development

The site claims that the company’s first tablet will arrive in the first half of 2022. It will come with brand new software, ColorOS for tablets. It is said that a dock will be available as well, and the same goes for desktop widgets.

OPPO is one of the world’s largest smartphone OEMs at this point, and it will be interesting to see what will it bring to the table. The OPPO X 2021 does seem like a compelling device, and it’s a shame it’s not available for purchase.

That device is functional, by the way, very much so, but OPPO obviously didn’t think it’s ready for primetime just yet. It does prove that the company is close to making a rollable smartphone that consumers will be able to purchase. OPPO may actually be the first one to get there.


This company is a part of the BBK Electronics, it’s a sister company to Vivo and OnePlus. Needless to say, it makes a part of a really powerful quartet, and has access to some interesting tech.