NVIDIA GeForce NOW Comes To Xbox Consoles

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NVIDIA GeForce NOW makes its way to yet another platform as it gains support for Xbox consoles today. Officially, the service is gaining support for the Microsoft Edge browser. But since Edge was ported over to the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in September, that means you can stream games to your Xbox through the browser.

Xbox users already have game streaming capabilities thanks to Game Pass. But the kicker here with GeForce NOW access is that those same users can now stream PC games via Steam to the Xbox too. So if you don’t have a super powerful gaming PC, no matter. Simply purchase a game through Steam and hook up a keyboard and mouse to your console.

GeForce NOW on Xbox will support mouse and keyboard input

According to The Verge, keyboard and mouse input is supported by the Edge browser on Xbox consoles. So games that you would traditionally play with a KBM setup shouldn’t feel any different.


Of course that also might depend on what kind of keyboard and mouse you have. A wireless set for instance might be better suited for couch play. But if your console and its connected monitor or TV are close enough to where you’re sitting, you could just as easily plug in wired options too.

The Verge also reports that you might run into some problems with latency. And you’ll have to deal with the virtual keyboard appearing on-screen from time to time. But other than that the experience seems to be pretty smooth.

RTX 3080 gaming on Xbox

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this support is NVIDIA’s recently announced RTX 3080 tier of GeForce NOW. If you’re playing on an Xbox Series X, the console is no doubt plenty powerful. But having the power of a 3080 GPU is likely going to provide better visuals along with things like RTX ON and Ray Tracing.


You could also forego paying for the 3080 tier and simply go with the free tier. Which means you’re not paying extra to play games so long as you already own the PC copy or the game is already free-to-play to begin with.