NVIDIA Now Offers An RTX 3080 Tier Of GeForce NOW

NVIDIA GeForce NOW RTX 3080 Tier

NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW service has up until today, offered just two memberships, but it now includes a third with the RTX 3080 tier. When it comes to cloud gaming, NVIDIA now offers the most powerful option in terms of graphics and frame rates.

And compared to the competition, the GeForce NOW RTX 3080 membership promises to really push the limits of what cloud gaming is capable of.

Granted, you’ll still need a fast and reliable internet connection to make the most of the experience. But those that are geared up to maximize the performance of the service may be in for a treat.


The GeForce NOW RTX 3080 tier is available for pre-order starting today

You might be excited to subscribe to the new 3080 tier but it isn’t quite ready for prime time. According to NVIDIA the new membership tier will go live in November in the US and December in Europe. But, you can pre-order the membership starting today. And if you’re interested in being one of the first to experience it, you might want to pre-order fast as NVIDIA confirms that quantities are going to be limited.

NVIDIA also states that pre-orders will open to all gamers later this month. However, if you’re already a Founder or a Priority member, you can pre-order right now. When it comes to pricing, NVIDIA has set the RTX 3080 tier at $99.99 for a six-month subscription. At this time there is not an option to subscribe month by month.

So if you want the benefits of the 3080 tier, you have to subscribe for a 6-month period.


RTX 3080-powered gaming, just about anywhere

GeForce NOW is available across a ton of different devices now. Including PC, Mac, Chromebooks, Android, and iOS devices. 3080 members will be able to access the new tier from most of the compatible platforms. While it doesn’t seem to be available on the Chromebook version of GeForce NOW, it will be available through the PC and Mac clients, the PC, Android, and iOS apps, and NVIDIA SHIELD.

Additionally, the 3080 tier enables up to 1440p resolution on the PC and Mac clients, 4K HDR on the SHIELD, and the PC, Android, and iOS apps will be able to stream games at up to 120 fps.