GeForce NOW Gets Far Cry 6 Today & 20+ Other Titles In October

Far Cry 6 GeForce NOW

Far Cry 6 and more are hitting GeForce NOW today. But, it probably comes as no surprise that NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service has access to the former on launch day. For one, NVIDIA usually gets day and date releases for GeForce NOW. Especially from some of the bigger titles.

But Far Cry 6 was also bound to launch on just about every single platform available. Far Cry 6 is also a Ubisoft+ title. So really you can access it wherever you can access Ubisoft+. If you’re not into the sprawling open-world adventures delivered by many of Ubisoft’s games, fear not. GeForce NOW has a handful of other titles to offer this week. And plenty more for the rest of the month.

In addition to Far Cry 6, GeForce NOW gets six more titles today

There’s a lot coming to the service for the month of October. Just this week though there are six titles you’ll be able to stream. This includes Far Cry 6 of course, but beyond that there’s also Space Haven, Gone Home, Going Medieval, The Bus, PC Building Simulator, and F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch.


In addition to this week’s launches, NVIDIA has more than 20 other titles set out for release in the subsequent weeks. Though, that’s a much smaller amount of games compared to September. In total September afforded GeForce NOW subscribers 59 games.

Obviously, not every month is going to be that big. But it certainly makes things more exciting when they are.

Other October titles to look out for

While NVIDIA has announce the dates yet, here’s what you can look forward to next week and beyond. One of the big titles is Riders Republic. Which is Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world MMO sports game.


In addition to that there’s also Buccaneers!, Disciples: Liberation, Fire Commander, Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, The Riftbreaker, Sword And Fairy 7, The Unliving, The Forgotten City, Hide And Shriek, The Last Friend, Legend Of The Keepers, Paradise Killer, STEINS; Gate 0, and Townscaper.

As always, you need to own these games through the supported client to play them on GeForce NOW. Otherwise you won’t be able to stream them.