The Cheapest Nest Cam Ever Goes On Sale Today!

NestCamwired Fog 5x4

Today, the new Nest Cam wired (indoor) is available, and it’s the cheapest Nest Cam that Google has ever released. It comes in at just $99.99, making it very competitive with many other smart home security cameras on the market today.

The new Nest Cam has a lot more machine learning power than the previous model. This makes it better at identifying people and animals in your home. It also has enhanced HDR video quality, and can process events on-device. That makes the alerts a lot more timely and accurate.

Nest Cam also has local storage backup available to help with reliability. That way if your WiFi goes out, it will continue to record and upload your clips to the Google Home app, once WiFi returns.


Unlike other Nest products, the Nest Cam is built specifically for the Google Home app. Which is going to allow you to setup, view your camera, check on recordings and much more all within the Google Home app. And it is also really simple to use, at least that was our experience with the Nest Cam Battery when we reviewed it last month.

This also means that it works pretty seamlessly with the other smart home products in your home. And if you purchased any of the newer Nest Cams, you’ll be able to view them all in the Google Home app.

You can purchase the $99 Nest Cam Wired today

As mentioned, you can purchase the Nest Cam Wired today, for only $99. It’s available from the Google Store, as well as select retailers. The Nest Cam Wired is going to make a really great gift this holiday season, especially given its price.


Google does offer it in a few different colors: snow, linen, fog and sand. There’s also a maple wood base mode that is available for $119.