MobileX, An Upcoming Mobile Brand, Partners Up With Verizon

MobileX brand

Mobile X Global has announced a partnership between MobileX, and Verizon. It is said that this partnership came to life to “deliver an industry-leading AI-driven platform for consumers”.

MobileX is partnering up with Verizon to launch in the US

Now, the press release says that MobileX is a new mobile brand that will launch in the US in 2022. MobileX has a “customer-centric philosophy that consumers should only pay for what they use and need”. It sure sounds like personalized plans are on the way.

The press release also mentions Mobile X Global’s AI-driven cloud-based XO.1 platform. That platform is based on MobileX’s customer-centric philosophy mentioned earlier.


It is said that the XO.1 platform will make it possible for consumers to seamlessly switch across global networks. They’ll be able to do it with only one number and one service that basically has no borders.

This does sound quite compelling, though it remains to be seen what exactly will be on offer. It is reported that the XO.1 platform will link with Verizon Network as a Service (NaaS) in order to provide a “flexible, secure, programmable, scalable, and reliable service.”

MobileX has a “customer-centric philosophy”

Mobile X Global’s founder, chairman, and CEO, said that “Mobile X Global will deliver an incredibly intuitive, easy-to-use and real-time proprietary platform that truly puts the power in the hands of the consumer.”


Based on everything we’ve seen from this press release, MobileX and its XO.1 platform will be all about choice for consumers. Verizon will play a significant part in all of it, it seems.

So, in case you’re still a bit confused about this partnership, Mobile X Global will essentially become Verizon’s MVNO partner.

It was also said that Mobile X Global will announce more information regarding its platform, the US launch plans, and growth in global markets in the coming months. MobileX and its XO.1 platform will launch in the US in early 2022, though it was not stated when exactly.