LumaFusion Video Editor App Soon Arriving For Android & Chrome OS

lumafusion android

You might agree that when we talk about the best video editing tool, Final Cut Pro’s name is among the popular ones that pop up in most people’s minds.

However, Final Cut Pro is only available for Apple and iOS devices, and there is no Android version of it. Though there is no shortage of solid video editing tool for Android OS, the options on Chrome OS is fairly limited.

Well, it seems like that is about to change. Because the team behind one of the popular video editing apps that provides the closest experience to Final Cut Pro is set to arrive soon for both Android and Chrome OS.


Notably, the official Twitter handle of the LumaFusion video editing app just announced that they are developing their app for Android and Chrome OS devices.

LumaFusion app is currently only available for iOS and iPad. Thankfully, that is soon going to change, as the app is already under development for Android and Chrome OS.

The hype behind the app is because it provides better controls and functions over the Premiere Rush app.


Application for becoming a beta tester for LumaFusion is officially available

According to folks at 9To5Google, LumaFusion is the best video editing app you can have on your iPad and iOS device. This makes it huge for Android and Chrome OS users.

Moreover, LumaFusion offers desktop-level controls and support for different file formats. The best thing is there is no monthly subscription fee for all its features. Users can purchase the app by paying a one-time fee with no conditions.

The team behind LumaFusion, LumaTouch did not give a timeframe on when can users expect the app to be available for Android and Chrome OS users.


In the official announcement, it simply says the app will be available in the “coming months”. Luckily, the application for becoming a beta tester for LumaFusion is officially available. If you are interested, then you can fill in this form.

Besides, for regular updates on the development of the app for Android and Chrome OS, you can also sign up for the mailing list. It is quite surprising to see LumaTouch took so long to develop its app for Android and Chrome OS.

As they say, it’s always better late than never. LumaTouch might have understood that Android and Chrome OS have a huge user base. Additionally, it would be beneficial to take advantage of it by releasing LumaFusion for both operating systems.


Let’s hope LumaFusion comes with all the bells and whistles it offers with iOS devices for Android and Chrome OS.