Live Translate Comes To A Wealth Of Apps & Gboard For Pixel 6 Series

Live Translate Google Pixel 6 pressers 00

With today’s announcement of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Google is also introducing a wealth of new features including Live Translate in-app with Gboard integration. The features, as is being widely reported, don’t require a lot of extra work either. For instance, users won’t need to switch between a translation app and the one they’re using translation in.

Instead, the new support comes with direct integration into apps for the new device range.

What does Live Translate mean on the Pixel 6 series?

Now, the new feature hinges on the powerful machine learning supported by the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro’s Tensor chip. And it works offline, processing the translations locally using downloaded language models.


But the kicker with the introduction of the new features isn’t necessarily in its offline capabilities. Of equal importance, Live Translate works in supported apps including Google Messages, WhatsApp, and more. It also works via the official Google keyboard, Gboard. And it translates images, text, and audio. Just like it does on the web already for services like YouTube or Google Lens, for example.

In fact, the new feature will offer up its services upon noticing that users are receiving messages in a language that’s different from their preferred language. And Gboard, for text-based apps, will automatically translate messages users are sending too. That’s by translating them back into the same language that messages were received in.

Similarly, when audio is played in another language, Live Translate can transcribe the audio into captions in users’ native language.


What languages are supported right now?

Only a select group of languages is supported out of the box with the new Pixel devices, including English, Japanese, and German, for example. But it shouldn’t take too long for Google to expand support for all 55 offline languages supported by its AI elsewhere. Such as in Google Lens. Or to the 104 supported languages with a data connection.