Riot Created An Interactive Event For Its League Of Legends Show

League Of Legends Animated Series Arcane 3

Step into the world of Piltover (more specifically the Undercity) in the upcoming League Of Legends Arcane experience that Riot has created to promote the show. If you’re a fan of League Of Legends, then by now you’re probably aware that Riot partnered up with Netflix to bring the world, and the story of the game to the TV screen.

The upcoming show, titled Arcane, focuses on two specific characters – Jinx and Vi. Two sisters that took their life in very different directions. Although the show will feature many familiar champions throughout its run. With this new League Of Legends Arcane experience created in partnership with Secret Cinema, interested fans will be able to participate in a real life immersive adventure that lets them explore parts of Piltover and the Undercity.

And since this is all happening as an in-person event, fans get to experience the League Of Legends universe coming to life in a way they’ve never seen before.


The League Of Legends Arcane experience is only happening in LA

There is one caveat to this event that people should be aware of, and that’s the fact that it’s only happening in LA. So if you want to attend you’ll need to buy tickets for entry and book a flight to city of angels.

Those that do end up attending will get to roam the streets of the Undercity and interact with actors portraying the characters in the game and the show. What’s more is that actions taken by attendees will impact how the experience plays out. So there’s the foundation of the interactivity of the event.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow

If you’re interested in going to the event to take part in it, tomorrow will be your first chance to buy tickets. Riot is holding a presale that begins on October 13 at 12PM PST. The actual event isn’t happening until November 21 though. Tickets will cost $70 during the presale, with general admission sales opening up on October 14 at the same time.


Arcane the show debuts on Netflix on November 6. A good couple of weeks before the event happens. So this will give viewers of the show a chance to get invested in the world before attending. Which should help with the immersion and excitement.