It's All Starting To Make Sense: Peacock Reportedly Planning Relaunch In 2022

NBC Peacock Streaming Service Logo 01

This week, we’ve been enthralled with the NBCUniversal and YouTube TV dispute over roughly 15 channels (and five regional sports channels) that could have been leaving the service today. When YouTube TV’s contract with NBCUniversal ran out. We’ve heard through leaks from YouTube TV that NBCUniversal was pushing them to include Peacock in its bundle. That seemed odd, since most Peacock content is already available on YouTube TV.

But now, it’s all starting to make sense.

According to a leaked strategy deck that the Business Insider was able to obtain, Peacock is getting a relaunch next year. NBCUniversal apparently has plans for it to be a “top 4 must-have SVOD”service. But how does NBCUniversal plan to get Peacock onto the level of Netflix, Hulu and Disney+? Well, through “mass premium customer acquisition”. That of course, is easier said than done.


How would Peacock acquire “mass premium” customers?

The big way to do this is with content. The slide deck states that starting in 2022, all Universal movies will come to Peacock after they leave theaters. That’s not a big deal or a big surprise. All Warner Bros movies go to HBO MAX after they leave theaters, and the same thing for Disney and Disney+.

Let’s not forget that Peacock also owns the rights to plenty of sports. Including the WWE, Premier League, Sunday Night Football and even the Olympics. And what’s happening in 2022? The Winter Olympics.

Peacock is also planning to launch a completely revamped interface. There’s not much details on this new interface just yet.


So what does this have to do with YouTube TV? Well, if NBCUniversal was able to push YouTube TV to force all of its customers to pay for Peacock, that would have greatly increased its user numbers. Hence bringing in more advertisers as well as more revenue. Basically, corporations are greedy and want more of your money. But that’s stuff we already knew.