Instagram Adds Scheduling & Practice Mode Live Streaming Tools For Creators

live schedule practice mode instagram

Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, is gaining not one, but two new features. Notably, the platform is getting live scheduling along with a ‘Practice Mode’ for live creators.

Both tools are aimed at helping facilitate the needs of live creators. Creators, who often live stream, will be able to build buzz for their upcoming live content, by scheduling it up to 90 days in advance.

This would give them ample time to share this information not only across their Instagram but other platforms as well. On the other hand, users could also set a reminder for the exact date, so that they don’t miss out on their favorite Instagram account’s live stream.


Apart from live scheduling feature, Instagram is also going to add a ‘Practice Mode’ live streaming tool. Well, this feature is one of the most important ones for live creators.

Using this feature, creators could connect with their audience before the actual stream and check for any issues. They can do things like check if the audio is working or not, check the lighting levels, or take a glance over the content or topic they will be discussing in the live stream.

Instagram Practice Mode feature is set to arrive on the platform “very soon”

Scheduling a post is always beneficial for live creators, as they are always busy with their different work commitments. Now, using the live scheduling feature, they could easily schedule their live videos well in advance.


This feature also puts Instagram on even ground with other platforms, such as YouTube and TikTok. Even Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, has this feature inbuilt.

Talking about YouTube, it has been the popular live stream service for a good amount of time, as it has more facilities for live streamers. Scheduling live events also give an opportunity to creators to carry out their promotional efforts.

Also, YouTube allows its creators to schedule the release of a pre-recorded video using the ‘Premieres‘ feature, with access to Super Chat.


TikTok also gained this video scheduling feature as a part of creator tools last year. Finally, Instagram is bringing this feature to its platform.

According to Instagram (via Engadget), the live scheduling feature is rolling out for users across the globe. It would allow the creators to share the scheduled content with their followers via Stories and Feed posts.

The company says Practice Mode is set to launch in the coming days. For a normal user, both these features wouldn’t change the experience dramatically, but for live creators, it definitely would.