Instagram Finally Lets You Post From Your Browser


We all understand that Instagram is a mobile-first application, but sometimes, it’s more convenient to post from your desktop browser. Instagram is in the middle of making some company-wide changes. According to TechCrunch, these changes include being able to post content from the desktop browser.

People can use Instagram to post on desktop, but there’s one catch

At the behest of a lot of Instagram users, the company is finally giving people the ability to post straight from their computers. Instagram started testing out this feature back in spring this year, and it seems that it’s time for it to hit the big time.

Users on the desktop site will be able to post Instagram pictures and videos to their feed, but there is one caveat. When it comes to video, people can only post clips up to 60 seconds long. That’s a bit of a letdown because Instagram just started allowing people to post videos up to 60 minutes with the app.


Instagram allowing people to post from the desktop sort of defeats the purpose of it being a quick and mobile means of sharing photos. However, there are times that you just want to post from your computer. It’s easier than having to transfer to your phone.

Instagram also unveiled ‘Collabs’

This feature sounds a bit more robust than it actually is, to be honest. Collabs allow people to co-author posts and Reels and share the glory. At first glance, it almost sounds like two people can remotely work on the video and both have creative input. When a video is done, and the creator is on the tagging screen, they can send an invite to another account.

When this happens, and the other account accepts the invite, both accounts will be credited for the post. This means that the video will post to both of their profiles, and they’ll share likes and views.


Instagram is also adding fundraisers to the platform

If you’re feeling both creative and generous, Instagram is testing a new fundraiser function. When you press the “+” button, you’ll be greeted by the usual options with the addition of an “add fundraiser” option. When you select this, you’ll be able to add a fundraiser directly to your feed rather than a photo.

This marks a shift in direction for Instagram, as the company has been making a few changes recently. Users are now able to post longer videos on the app, pause, and scrub those videos. Now that people can post Instagram content on their desktop, it looks like there are more exciting changes to come for the platform.