HTC Vive Flow Is Part VR Headset, Part Mobile Cinema

HTC Vive Flow

HTC has been on strange tides in recent years, but it’s been able to get some footing in the VR headset market. The company has just announced the HTC Vive Flow. This new headset promises to be a hub for entertainment and relaxation.

The HTC Vive Flow really focuses on getting you relaxed

HTC has been experimenting with what a VR headset can be. The company released headsets centered around gaming and some centered around fitness. The core concept behind the Flow, however, is relaxation. It weighs in at just 189g (just under half a pound), and it’s also a lot smaller than other headsets.

Wearing a headset for an extended period of time could get stuffy sometimes. This is why HTC put a fan on the Vive Flow to help circulate air throughout. This is a great feature for any headset to have, especially one that’s centered around comfort and relaxation.

Since this is a headset all about relaxation, we can expect there to be a host of preloaded applications that are meant to be meditative and relaxing. From the trailer, we see some of these applications, but it’s hard to tell if they will all come with the headset.


One good example was shown in the trailer. It’s a VR ASMR app that you can use to decompress after a long day. We also can’t rule out third-party apps that you will be able to download.

You’ll be able to control the Vive Flow with your phone

The HTC Vive Flow is definitely meant for a certain amount of tasks; you won’t find yourself doing any gaming on it. You don’t have the usual dual-hand controllers that you find on other headsets. However, you can actually use your phone to control your content.

You use your phone as an improvised trackpad to navigate your apps and videos. You’ll connect your phone to your headset via Bluetooth and point it forward, just like with a remote. The headset will display a digital representation of your phone which will mimic your phone’s real movements. You swipe to navigate your selections, point your phone at what you want to pick and select by simply tapping the screen.

The Vive Flow isn’t only for relaxation; it’s also for entertainment.

When you’re done relaxing, and you want to get your heart rate back up, the HTC Vive Flow can also come in handy. HTC put a pretty formidable display in this headset. It supports Peerless Graphics. It has a wide 3.2K display with a 100-degree field of view. If that’s not enough, the display also has a capable 75Hz refresh rate. You can pre-order this headset for $499 from the company site.