Half Of Samsung's Phones In 2022 Might Use Exynos Chips

exynos 2100

Samsung is one of the few smartphone manufacturers to design its own chips; the others are Google, Apple, and Huawei. While this is true, most of the phones from Samsung actually use chips from Qualcomm and Mediatek. Now, according to the Korean Times, Samsung is planning for half (or more) of its phones to use Exynos chips next year.

Only a small percent of Samsung phones use the Exynos chips

Right now, we know that Samsung puts its Exynos chips into the international version of its flagship phones, while the American version gets a Snapdragon chip. It’s been this way since the Galaxy S7. Along with the flagship-grade chips, Samsung also manufactures mid and lower-tier chips for its phones.

Regardless, the company only supplies about 20% of its phones with its home-made chipsets. At this point, Samsung relies on mostly Qualcomm and Mediatek chips for its phones.
Samsung is aiming for 50%-60% of its phones to use Exynos chips


Samsung has really been ramping up its production of Exynos chips in the meanwhile. The company said that it’s been expanding its facilities for packing, substrates, and test partners at a rapid rate.

A few of Samsung’s partner companies have also been putting a lot of work and money into this venture. Hana Micron, a semiconductor testing company, decided to invest 150 Billion Won (Just north of $126 million) in increasing production. Another company, Nepes Ark, just recently invested 99.5 billion Won (about $84 million) to increase production.

So, what will next year’s Exynos chips offer?

Samsung’s Exynos chips have always gone head-to-head with Qualcomm’s chips, but recently, they’ve suffered from some performance and overheating issues. The company said that these issues have been fixed for the next iteration to come next year, the Exynos 2200.


According to Samsung, there will be some major performance gains, especially in the graphics department. The company partnered with AMD to help with the graphical performance. The two companies both started working together in 2019, and we’re starting to see the fruits of their labor.

AMD announced that the Exynos 2200 will actually support ray tracing. That’s a major feat for any mobile processor, and we’re all excited to see if that’s possible. The thing is, we’ll have to wait a while after it launches to see some actual ray tracing; it’s up to app developers to add that feature in.

Samsung also said that it’s been working on the overheating issue the Exynos chips have been having. This was mostly due to 5G usage. The company must have a lot of faith in the changes made because it wants to almost triple the Exynos chips we see next year.