Google’s ‘Nest Renew’ Service Will Save Energy Costs & Boost Sustainability

nest learning thermostat AH

Google is launching a new service called ‘Nest Renew’ to help customers of Nest thermostats to lead an environmentally conscious lifestyle. This service offers a feature known as ‘Energy Shift’ which allows Nest thermostats to automatically “shift” heating and cooling to time slots when energy is cheaper or cleaner.

The idea behind Energy Shift is to ensure users get the cleanest energy available. This is a useful feature for regions that use multiple sources of energy (wind, gas, coal, etc). Google claims this feature is designed to keep you comfortable and it also has the ability to automatically change schedules during the winter or summer.

Additionally, the company is bringing the ‘Energy Impact Program’ that allows users to collect Renew Leafs based on their energy usage. When enough of these are collected, users can vote to pick where the Nest Renew funds will go. Google said (via) that the funds will go to multiple non-profit agencies to help boost their sustainability efforts.


The company will also bring a paid offering known as Nest Renew Premium

Google will make Nest Renew accessible to Nest Thermostat owners in the U.S at no cost. Those willing to pitch in more can get the Nest Renew Premium for $10 per month. This option allows users to take part in the company’s Clean Energy Match program.

Google Nest Renew - Clean Energy Match

Under the program, Google will determine the estimated carbon-based electricity usage in a household and match it with renewable energy credits (RECs) from wind and solar energy outlets. This allows users to do their bit in harvesting clean energy sources even if their homes rely on conventional carbon-based electricity.


Google said that Nest Renew Premium will be available in select regions across the U.S. However, it will eventually expand to more locations. The free Nest Renew service will be accessible all over the U.S.

Nest will offer the services as part of an early preview over the next few weeks. It has also set up a sign-up page to let you know when it becomes available in your region. These features are compatible with the new Nest Thermostat, Nest Thermostat E, and the Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen). The company announced these new sustainability features as part of its Sustainable with Google event on Wednesday.