Google Takes Jab At LG With New Pixel Ad

pixel as 1

YouTube diss tracks and roasts were a thing of the past, but now companies have jumped on the bandwagon, too. Google has released a new Pixel 5a ad, giving you 113 reasons to switch to the mid-range smartphone. The ad clearly takes shots at LG.

The ad uploaded on the Made by Google YouTube channel, lays out 113 reasons you should make the switch. While most of the reasons mentioned are legit, there are silly jokes sprinkled in between. You are probably aware of the great battery life and the ultra-wide camera, but did you know your pixel could double as a charcuterie board or help you trim your bangs. My personal favorite? “When you say Pixel, someone might think you said pickle and give you one”. Here’s to free pickles!

The jabs at LG start with the title. Google starts of the video with “113 reasons to switch to Google Pixel when the maker of your old phone stops making phones”. Ouch, but they are just getting started. Later on another jab in the form of a sly comparison.


At the 2:00 minute mark, Google humble brags by saying they are “known for organizing the web and mapping the world”, not for making washing machines. In the end, Pixel gets an award for being the “best phone to switch when the maker of your phone stops making phones”. I think it is fair to say, LG fans will definitely be feeling the burn.

LG bails on smartphones

The South Korean giant LG, shut down its smartphone business early this year. Due to lackluster support of existing devices, thousands of LG users are most probably in the market for a new smartphone, especially in the mid-market segment. Google is trying to pull out all the stops to lure them in to their Pixel line of smartphones. This explains Google’s positioning of the ad, using the mid-range Google Pixel 5a instead of the much talked about pixel 6. Google did not forget to highlight this is the ad as well. Reason number 6 in the ad is “you get a lot of bang for your buck”.

All that glitters is not gold

Although this ad brings Google’s playful side to the surface, it’s not without any issues. Instead of conveying the benefits of features for end users, it merely mentions them. The ad mainly covers Android 11 and fails to focus on Android 12, which was released about a week ago.