Google Search Now Lets You Tune Your Guitar

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Users can now tune their guitar using nothing but Google Search. Google Assistant has already offered this ability in some form with the “tune my instrument” command. But this new addition helps users tune their guitars using just a mobile web browser and the built-in microphone.

To get started, users simply have to search for “Google tuner” which will pull up a chromatic tuner. This will work on both conventional desktop web browsers and mobile devices. Android Police reports that the feature works accurately on the Pixel 5a. Users may notice a prompt on their screen if they haven’t allowed microphone access previously.

Despite this addition, you probably shouldn’t throw out your hardware tuner just yet

When set up, the tuner will tell you whether to turn it up or down to hit the nearest note. There’s also a visual indicator that gives you details on the sharpness or the flatness of your guitar. It is recommended to use the built-in microphone on your phone for this purpose. Be advised that you may need to bring your phone close to the guitar to get an accurate representation.


Finding a suitable guitar tuning app can be hard work. While some apps can do the trick, they also bring ads, in-app purchases, or a generally unfavorable UI. Google is making the process simpler now with this addition to Search.

Google Tune Your Guitar

Although this software solution is impressive and may work for casual guitarists, it will in no way replace hardware tuners currently available in the market. This is primarily because tuning your guitar on Google Search depends entirely on the quality of your phone’s mic.


The feature won’t work as expected if the mic on your phone isn’t working to its full potential. However, if you’re in a rush and quickly want to get your guitar in sync, this online tuner is a decent tool to have in your repertoire.

Speaking of Search, Google recently introduced a “Personal results” setting on Android. It basically autocompletes predictions based on your search history. Moreover, it also offers personal answers based on the information recorded in your Google account. This could be anything ranging from “my flights” on Gmail or “directions home” on Google Maps. This feature also offers personalized recommendations on metrics like “where to eat” or “what to watch” and so on.