Google Recorder Gets Material You Paint Job And More Languages

Google Pixel 4 Recorder App 1

Google has a powerful voice recording and dictation app called Google Recorder. It’s a Pixel exclusive app that’s getting a bit of a facelift and some more languages. According to 9To5Google, the Google Recorder will be getting the Material You workover and three additional languages.

Google Recorder will get the Material You design

Google is working hard on giving all of its apps and services the Material You look and feel for Android 12. Even the clock app on Wear OS is getting that treatment, so it shouldn’t be a shocker that Google Recorder will be getting the Material You change.

At this point, we should know what to expect when an app transitions over. Firstly, the color scheme changes to reflect the colors in the phone’s wallpaper. Elements like the user profile icon will be monochromatic colored to match the custom color palette.


The biggest change will be the size and shape of the buttons. The play/pause and record buttons on the older version were relatively small circles. With the new version, only the record button is a circle, while the play/pause button is a large rectangle with heavily rounded corners.

The buttons are all much larger, reflecting the changes we’ve been seeing throughout all of the Google apps. Even the list of recordings consists of large rounded rectangles. The update is still rolling out, so if you don’t see it, it should come soon.

There are also some new languages coming

Since Google Recorder also dictates your speech, it’s important that it supports multiple languages. With the new update, the app will gain support for German, French, and Japanese. This is great, as those are some really common languages.


What’s odd is that these new languages are only available for the Pixel 6. They could gradually roll out to other Pixel devices eventually, but there’s no guarantee.

What is Google Recorder?

Google raised the bar for recording apps with Google Recorder. This app goes far beyond your typical recording app in a few key ways.

For starters, it dictates your speech live and displays the text above the recording. Along with that, you’ll be able to search for certain words in the search bar and you’ll be taken to the exact spot in the recording.


If you want to edit your recording, you need only select the range of text that you want to take out and delete it. The app will automatically delete that range in the audio. Another neat feature is the ability to export a video file with the audio waveform and the text over it.

What’s probably the most impressive part is that the app can do all of this without an internet connection. If you’re interested in this app, it’s only for Pixel devices.