Google Pixel Watch Has Probably Been Delayed

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The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are right around the corner, and yet we haven’t seen any new info on the Pixel Watch for a while now. The Pixel Watch has probably been delayed, says a tipster.

The Google Pixel Watch has probably been delayed, unfortunately

That does make all the sense in the world, and it is what we presumed as well. This information comes from Max Weinbach. He doesn’t seem to have any concrete information at the moment, but is taking an educated guess.

He reported, 6 months ago, that the Pixel Watch is coming this year, likely alongside the Pixel 6 series. Well, now he believes that the watch is delayed due to the chip shortage.


He did say that Google may still announce it alongside the Pixel 6 series, and release it later on. On the flip side, the Pixel Watch may become official next year, he’s not sure. So we’ll just have to wait and see.

Its design surfaced back in April

Jon Prosser even gave us a first look at the design of the Pixel Watch back in April. That could still be the design of the watch, presuming the information was accurate, but Google may be late with delivery.

If that design ends up being accurate, the Pixel Watch will be quite a simplistic-looking watch, and initial reactions to the design were rather good. It will have a circular display, and seemingly a rotating crown on the right. That crown will be its only button as well.


Google’s Pixel Watch will run Wear OS out of the box, of course. We’re not sure if it will be water or dust resistant, nor do we have any other spec info at the time. Well, Max Weinbach did say that it may run Samsung’s SoC, instead of Qualcomm’s, but we’ll see.

As a reminder, the Pixel 6 series is launching on October 19. So, if Google does plan to at least show us this watch this month, that’s when it will happen. The company almost certainly won’t launch it in the full sense of that word, as the device likely won’t become available anytime soon.