Here Are The Services That Transfer Over To Google Pixel Pass

Google Pixel Pass Google presser

Google’s announcement of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro also came with more details about the new Pixel Pass, and which services will be included. And, as might be expected, that includes which services will transfer over and how that will all work. From Google Play Pass to Google One.

The new information will be especially important to those who already utilize the included services. Especially since the included services will all be transferred over to the applicable Pixel Pass subscription.

What services are included with Pixel Pass and what does the transfer do for end-users?

Now, Google Pixel Pass does include the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro handset. With the new subscription service, users are eligible to upgrade to a new phone every two years, in fact. But Pixel Pass also includes a 200GB Google One subscription, 2-years of device protection via Preferred Car, YouTube, and YouTube Music Premium. As well as Google Play Pass and a few additional perks, such as automatic device backups.


And all of those services will transfer over to the Pixel Pass subscription. All rolled into a single cost, starting out at just $45 per month for the base model Pixel 6 handset. Or just $55 per month for the Pixel 6 Pro.

That means that any user who’s already subscribed stands to gain some and reduce their overall service costs.

How much can you save and when do you start saving?

Exactly how much money that saves any given user will vary. For those who already utilize all of the included services, the savings will be bigger.


Google Fi subscribers will get $5 off of their monthly bill for enrolling too. Those who aren’t Google Fi subscribers will gain up to $294, saved over the course of two years. Fi subscribers stand to save up to $414 over the same period. The exact amount saved varies depending on whether or not all of the services are already signed up for. As well as which of those services are already subscribed to.

So users looking to pick up the new promotion will need to do some math if they hope to save money with the new Pixel Pass. The transfer is also slated to take place upon shipment of the new phone. So those who don’t have the services already will need to wait for that shipment to gain the benefits.

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