Google Expands Pixel’s Call Screen Feature To Seven More Countries

Call Screening AM AH 1

Google is bringing Call Screen for Pixel phones in seven new regions in addition to the U.S., Canada, and Japan. The company announced the change on its official support page during the Pixel 6 launch last week. However, it seems like the rollout went unnoticed.

The new regions getting Call Screen are Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the UK. The feature began rolling out to customers in the UK earlier this week.

9to5Google claims that the update has also started rolling out in Australia, France, and Germany as of now. Other regions on the list could get it anytime now.


While Call Screen is technically available in seven countries, functionality could differ based on the region you’re in. The support page notes that Pixel phones in the new regions will only support manual screening. This means that users have to pick up their phones to screen calls.

Call Screen made its debut with the Pixel 3 series in 2018

“Call Screen helps users in the U.S., Canada and Japan screen 37 million calls each month, and today we’re expanding manual Call Screen to Pixel users in the U.K., France, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Italy and Spain. Our latest on-device speech models make the transcriptions more accurate than ever on Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro thanks to Pixel’s new Google Tensor,” the company said.

Google announced the Call Screen feature in 2018 with the Pixel 3 lineup. The company even sent out the feature to the older Pixel 2 lineup. However, regional regulations meant that the feature could not be rolled out globally. While the addition of seven countries does change things up a bit, Google is still a long way away from reaching wider adoption.


While Android supports a wide range of third-party call screening apps like Truecaller, Hiya, and so on, Google’s solution ranks highly among the users. The company also has an extensive repository of businesses indexed on its platform, thus helping identify unknown callers.

If you live in either of the seven countries we mentioned, there’s more reason to purchase the Pixel 6 or the Pixel 6 Pro now. The two phones were officially revealed last week with prices starting from $599 and $899, respectively. Although the Pixel 6 phones are still on pre-order, Google has started shipping some orders in the U.S.