Pixel 6 Video Capabilities: 4K 60 FPS, Live HDR+, 4K Time Lapse & Much More

Google Pixel 6 Pro AM AH 10

Google announced its new flagship smartphones today, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Those two phones do offer compelling camera setups, which we’ve already talked about. What we didn’t talk about are the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro video capabilities.

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro both utilize the same main camera, a 50-megapixel ISOCELL GN1 sensor from Samsung. Both also have an ultrawide camera on the back (though a different sensor), and the ‘Pro’ model also has a telephoto unit.

Having said that, the Pixel 6 Pro does have more to offer in the camera department, and that goes for video features as well. So, let’s see what they’re capable of. We’ll first talk about the rear camera video capabilities, and will then switch to front-facing ones, and other camera modes / features.


The Pixel 6 & 6 Pro are quite capable in the video department, at least on paper

Both of these phones can shoot 4K video at both 30 and 60 FPS. That goes for 1080p video as well, in case you’d like to opt for that. Front-facing cameras on both devices are capable of shooting 1080p video at 30 and 60 FPS. The ‘Pro’ handset can also shoot 4K at 30 FPS with its selfie shooter. It has a better selfie camera on paper, that’s why, they’re not identical in that regard.

Both devices offer a Cinematic Pan feature, and the same goes for slow-motion video recording up to 240 FPS. You can also create stabilized 4K time lapse videos with both devices.

Yes, OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) are included on both devices, on main and ultrawide cameras. Fused video stabilization is available on both phones, and the same goes for 4K Cinematic Pan video stabilization and 4K locked video stabilization.


Only the Pixel 6 Pro offers optical zoom

The Pixel 6 Pro does have an advantage when it comes to zoom capability. It can utilize 4x optical zoom, and up to 20x digital zoom. The Pixel 6 doesn’t offer optical zoom, as it doesn’t have a telephoto camera, but you can utilize up to 7x digital zoom.

If you’d like to get more detailed camera hardware specs, check out our Pixel 6 and 6 Pro specification articles. We also talked separately about the phone’s main camera.