The New & Improved Pixel Stand Comes With Big Bonuses From Google

Pixel Stand Gen 2 for Pixel 6 Pro presser

The brand new Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro may not ship with an in-box charger but the search giant does have a new and improved Pixel Stand wireless charger to make up for that. That’s based on today’s Pixel-related announcements from Google. Very nearly making up for the fact that the 30W USB-C charger made for this gadget is sold separately.

As expected based on previous leaks regarding the new Pixel handsets, it’s no slouch either. In fact, it’s one of the fastest such chargers you can buy. For the Pixel-branded smartphones, in fact, it can charge the gadgets at up to 23W. That’s as compared to the current Qi standard of up to 15W.  It’ll charge other gadgets at up to that rate as well.

Additionally, it charges the Pixel Buds at up to 3W. Thanks in part to its dual-coil design, with the lower coil made for wearables. All powered by a rear-facing USB-C port.


Is that the only reason the new Pixel Stand wireless charger seems bulky?

Now, the dual-coil design and higher charging rates are almost certainly a big part of why this new wireless charging stand for Pixel is so bulky in appearance. But those aren’t the only reason. The build, comprised primarily of TPUs and plastics, measures 4.5-inches tall and 2.8 x 3.2-inches in the other directions. At just over 383g in terms of weight.

The smoothly curved but somewhat hefty design at the back, however, is likely that thick to account for the internal cooling as well. According to Google’s specs sheet, that’s active cooling with both automatic and manual control. The former is provided via a new menu that allows users to select Optimized, Max, or Quiet charging. The latter two options charge the phone at the maximum rate or at a more minimal rate with the fans quieted. While the Optimized, recommended rate adjusts based on user activity.

That will undoubtedly come in handy for Pixel devices in particular since the phones bring a wealth of additional features. But Google is also altering the UI during charging. Adding not only the ability to gain immersive experience for Google Assistant tasks and media. But also a new way to wake up via light-based alarms dubbed Sunrise Alarms and Photo Frame functionality. Meaning that the Google Pixel handset itself will become more useful during charging.


All with full support for the new Android 12 Material You UI design language.

Pricing and availability

In terms of pricing and availability, Google will sell the new Pixel Stand — comprised of more than 39-percent recycled materials in white coloration. Pricing won’t differ too much from the previous generation Pixel Stand. With the MSRP set at $79.99 and available wherever the new Pixel handsets are sold.

With that said, Google’s site currently states that the second-gen charger is “coming soon” rather than available now. With no exact timeframe given.