Google Pixel 6 Series Uses Powerful AI To Make Service Calls Faster

Pixel 6 customer service calls features presser

Anybody who’s ever been discouraged by long wait times during customer service calls should be looking at the new AI-powered Google Pixel 6 series. That’s because, based on recent reports, the newly-launched handsets will make those calls much less time-restrictive.

How do Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro make customer service calls better?

Now, as noted above, the new feature is directly linked to calling. And specifically, to calls to service lines with the Google Pixel 6 series. And that comes down to new AI-driven features in the phone app itself. With the new app, the new handsets can tell users about the wait time for a business-related 1-800 number before dialing is complete.

That’s shown as projections in a chart that’s not wholly unlike how Google Maps showcases how busy businesses are. And, using those projections, users can decide when to call or if now’s the right time to place the call. With projection times that go as far as a week.


The projections themselves are similar to how Google Maps works as well. Google says it “infers” the timeframes using call length data. It also notes that data isn’t “linked to user identifiers.” So users who are more privacy-conscious won’t need to worry too much about how their data is used.

What else is new with the new Pixel phone app?

Google also unveiled a new Direct My Call feature that will showcase options given to users during service calls on their Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro handset. The options, as well as the number that users will need to press to access each option, are displayed on-screen. Saving users the time it generally takes to hear the options again.

Finally, Google announced that its Pixel feature, “Hold for Me,” will “soon” be available outside of the US. Specifically in Australia, Canada, and Japan. For clarity, Hold for Me is uses AI while waiting on service calls so that users don’t have to. Effectively informing users when their wait is over