Google Photos 'Your memories' Widget To Soon Get Material You Design Makeover

Google Photos AH NS 03

Google is currently busy with the rollout of Android 12’s Material You design for its stock apps. While most apps have already gained the update, Google Photos ‘Your Memories’ widget will be getting it soon.

Notably, the ‘Your Memories’ feature was introduced by Google back in August to the Google Photos app. The Material You design would allow users to customize the shape of the widgets you might have noticed in Pixel 6 promos.

According to the latest report by 9To5Google, some new strings for different widget sizes and shapes for Google Photos were found with app version 5.63.


If these strings are any indication, then you could soon select Google Photos ‘Your Memories’ widgets in sizes ranging from 1×2 to 5×5. However, it will either be in a rectangle or square shape with rounded corners.

The rounded corners are of course, because of the Material You design. With the coming update, you will notice these new features. The six shapes are namely, Fill, Square, Star, Circle, Pill, and Flower.

Recently, Google Clock received a new 7.1 version update, and if it is any evidence, then you should be able to ‘Select a frame style’ after placing the widget on your device’s home screen.


A server-side update would trigger the Google Photos ‘Your Memories’ widget shapes

Here are the strings that were found with the Google Photos app version 5.63:

<string name=”photos_widget_shape_title_circle”>Circle</string>
<string name=”photos_widget_shape_title_flower”>Flower</string>
<string name=”photos_widget_shape_title_pill”>Pill</string>
<string name=”photos_widget_shape_title_rectangle”>Fill</string>
<string name=”photos_widget_shape_title_square”>Square</string>
<string name=”photos_widget_shape_title_star”>Star</string>

The Fill and Square shapes are the default shapes that we have already. The Start will have pointy sides, and Circle, it explains for itself. The Pill shape widget will be similar to Google Clock’s Digital and Stacked widgets.


Finally, the Flower shape widget would be bubbly, shown in the Google Pixel 6 promo video. Once the feature is live, long-pressing on it would let you choose different styles of widgets.

Android 12 has been the talk of the town recently. Especially, the Material You design, as it is one of the biggest aesthetic changes that Google is bringing to its Android operating system in recent years.

Material You design also comes with a Dynamic Color theme, that will change the accent colors based on the dominant color of your wallpaper. Icons are now more rounded, giving them a modern appeal.


Talking about the new six shapes for Google Photos ‘Your Memories’ widget, apparently, a server-side update would trigger this new feature. Till then, we will have to wait for it to arrive.