Google Photos Memories Making Its Way To The Web

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The “Memories” carousel will soon make its way to Google Photos on the web. Google said that the feature would be accessible on practically any device after this update. For those unaware, the Memories carousel appears on top of the Android and iOS versions of the Google Photos app. This section curates a bunch of photos and videos from your recent trip or past highlights.

Tapping the Memories carousel opens a fullscreen interface with the day and date noted on the top left. Users will also find options to star, share, or print the photos. Other memories are displayed at the right edge of the screen, allowing users to switch between memories seamlessly. The Google Photos account shared the news on Twitter.

Users can disable this feature entirely or customize what appears on the carousel with options like Recent highlights or photos you captured years ago. 9to5Google suggests that this new feature could also roll out to Android and iPadOS tablets in addition to Chromebooks.


Google Photos Memories will start appearing on the web version later this week

There are deeper controls available over the content that’s displayed under Memories. Users can choose to hide specific years or individuals.

“You can choose to hide photos of certain people or time periods from showing up in Memories, and any content you’ve previously hidden on another device will not appear on your computer,” Google said in a follow-up tweet.

Memories on Google Photos will begin rolling out on the web this week. This follows a string of updates to the Android version of the app over the past few months.


Earlier this month, an update to the Photos app allowed users to edit the time and date of photos/videos. This meant that users no longer had to take the effort of editing the file metadata to make these changes. The feature made its way to Google Photos with version

Google also improved integration between Chrome and Photos not too long ago. An update to Chrome now offers Google Photos Memories on the New Tab page. All these updates came amid the Google Photos Material You makeover ahead of Android 12.

Although Photos received Material You elements in a September update, it didn’t feature Dynamic Color. But Google was quick to remedy this with an update earlier this month.