Google Can Help You Learn A New Word Every Day

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You’ve more than likely Googled a word at some point (or on a constant basis). Whether you’re looking up a word you don’t know or you want to get a more thorough understanding of a word you already know. Google has a new feature where it will send you a new word and its definition every day.

Google will notify you every day with a new word

Gone are the days where we have to go to Dictionary.com to find the definition of words. If you search up a word, Google will have a definition on the top of the results page which saves time and effort. If you’re feeling extra lazy, you can use Google Assistant to find definitions by voice. Either way, you can find the definitions you want with Google.

Now, with this new feature, you can take that just a step further with Google coming to you instead. You can actually be notified by Google every day with a new word. In order to enable this, all you have to do is look up a word; any word to bring up Google’s native dictionary.


On the top right of the definition, you’ll see a little bell. If you’ve seen any sort of YouTube content creator, you will know to “tap that bell icon” if you want to get the notifications.

What words will you get?

Right now, it seems like there will be a random selection of words, but it might actually go deeper than that. First off, this feature is only available for English, and the company didn’t state if it plans on expanding to other languages.

The company did refer to some future functionality, however. It seems like you’ll be able to pick different difficulty levels in the near future. This would be great for people who really want to expand their vocabulary.


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In Other Google News: Google is cutting the subscription fees for apps on the Play Store

If you develop an app for the Google Play Store, then you pay Google a fee. That also goes for any subscription fees you charge your users. The company would take 30% of your revenue for the first year, then 15% after that. In a new post, Google states that it’s decided to cut the fees from 30% down to 15%. The fees will stay at 15% from then on.

In the post, Google mentioned that one of the challenges that developers have to face is “customer churn.” This is when customers eventually get rid of subscription services over time. This could be because they no longer need the service or it becomes too expensive over time. The company will initiate the new lower fees at the start of January 2022.