Google Chrome May Get A New Group Pages Feature Soon

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Google Chrome is already one of the most used and popular web browsers, be it on smartphones or desktops. Thanks to tons of features, it is one of the go-to web browsers for most users.

Adding to the existing plethora of features, Google is spotted testing a new feature for its Chrome browser. This feature will make it easier for you to find pages of the same topics.

According to a new report by Engadget, Google Chrome is experimenting with a couple of new features to enhance the usability of the web browser.


One such feature is a group page feature called ‘Journey’ that would help you continue your search for a specific topic and compare the information with other search results.

The Journey’s feature automatically groups pages and information related to a similar topic. Notably, this negates the need to manually save web pages as bookmarks or go through the History section. Google Chrome will also provide search suggestions to enhance your research.

Google is also testing a new side panel to facilitate your search

The pages that you save and group together are saved locally. This means, sadly, you won’t be able to access them across your devices, as it is not synced with your Google account.


However, there are chances that this might change in the future. You can make use of the Journey’s feature if you are planning a trip or vacation, or you are shortlisting different cars for purchase.

Do note that this feature is currently available for Chrome Canary build on the desktop for now. In order to access it, you need to head over to the history section. Alternatively, you can enter ‘chrome://history/journeys’ on the address bar.

Additionally, Google is also testing a new side panel for search. As per The Engadget, if you click on a link, a ‘G icon’ will show up next to the address bar.


Once you click on it, you will see other search results in a side panel. You can use this feature to compare pages and open multiple pages in new tabs.

This side panel feature is available in the Chrome OS Dev channel. As of now, there is no clarity if this feature will be available broadly for all users or not. All we can do is hope that Google brings this feature for everyone and adds support for other default search engines as well.

Google is also planning to add some new features, including Google Lens, to the Chrome browser in the coming months.