Google Calendar Announces 'Focus Time' Feature

Google Calendar new AH

There’s a bit of a “catch-22” among productivity apps: they help you be more productive, but they themselves are a distraction that can lower productivity. Google is looking to help this little issue by introducing Focus time for Google Calendar.

Focus Time will automatically reject conflicting Google Calendar events

This new feature comes soon after the company gave Google Calendar the Material You overhaul. People who use Google Calendar to organize their entire existence should benefit from this new feature.

If you have your main priority, you’ll want to give it precedence over other tasks. Focus Time is a feature that will reject conflicting Google Calendar events. Sometimes, scheduled events clash. According to the report from Google, similarly to the “Out of Office” option, Focus Time will have a different appearance compared to regular events.


During this time, any other events that pop up will automatically be rejected. This will help cut down on any extraneous notifications that will tear you away from your work.

Focus Time is mostly for people who work with others and share the same Calendar. Unexpected events come up among your team, and you can be roped into the chaos. With Focus Time, you’ll be able to focus on what you’re doing and nothing else.

If you think you can benefit from Focus Time, the update is gradually rolling out at the moment. Some people may have it by now, but it’s still hitting phones. The company says that this process will be happening over the next 15 days. It also wouldn’t hurt to check your app’s update status on the Play Store as well.


In Other Google News: The Android 12 beta is still ongoing

We all thought that the Android 12 beta was done, but that’s not the case. Even though the stable version is making its way to phones, Google has chosen to continue with the beta program. Those who continue with the beta program will get updates, new features, and bug fixes before they hit the public.

Those who were in the beta before are automatically enrolled in this extended beta. However, if you want out, you will need to do so soon. The next beta is going to drop sometime in December. If you exit the beta program before then, you will be able to keep your data.

However, if you exit the beta program after the next beta drops,  you will lose all of your data. Google didn’t state just how long this extended beta will last. Since the next version of Android will be coming out next year, we don’t expect it to last for too long.