Garmin Adds Dexcom CGM Data To Its Smartwatches For Diabetics

Garmin Smartwatches Dexcom CGM Data

Garmin smartwatches can do a great many things, and as of today you can add being able to check Dexcom CGM data to that list. This is a feature that is specifically targeted at people with diabetes that use Dexcom CGM systems to check their glucose levels and trends.

The ideal use case for any smartwatch for any purpose is to see the information you seek at a glance. At a moment’s notice and most likely while doing other things. This simple ease of use factor which adds a level of convenience to your day to day can now include checking your Dexcom CGM data, though you will need one of the compatible Garmin smartwatches to access the feature.

The good news is that compatible smartwatches includes quite a few models. Garmin also says that it will work with some of its cycle computers. So if you don’t own a smartwatch but do own one of these gadgets and you cycle, this is another avenue for being able to see that information.


Garmin smartwatches can view data through new Dexcom apps

To view this data more quickly, users will need to install an app on their connected smartphone. The app you’re looking for is called Dexcom Connect IQ. Which can be found in the Connect IQ store and allows for easily staying on top of your glucose levels and trends.

There’s already a wide array of Garmin devices that support the app and the new feature. Including the Fenix 6s Pro and Sapphire, Fenix 6 Pro and Sapphire, the Vivoactive 4 series, the MARQ series, the Forerunner 245 Music, the Edge 530, 830, 1030 and 1030 plus and many more.

Garmin says more device support is coming too. Which includes the regular Fenix 6 and 6s as well as a handful of others. The apps are available to install as of today if you have one of the already supported devices. As for any others, support has to be enabled through an update which Garmin seemingly hasn’t give an exact date for yet. “Coming Soon” is the official time frame. So make of that what you will if your watch or cycle computer isn’t support yet.