Galaxy S21 FE Launch Date Revealed By Two Reliable Sources

Galaxy S21 FE 3D model

The Galaxy S21 FE saga continues. The phone won’t be announced at next week’s event that Samsung is hosting, not even close. It is coming in January, as rumors have been saying. The Galaxy S21 FE launch date has just been shared by not one, but two reliable sources.

The Galaxy S21 FE launch date has seemingly been revealed, it’s January 11

Both Jon Prosser and Max Weinbach said that Samsung will announce its new flagship killer on January 11. Jon Prosser shared that launch date via Twitter, while Max Weinbach responded to the tweet, saying he can confirm the information.

That’s not all, though. Prior to that, Ross Young, a well-known display analyst, said that he believes the device is coming in January. It seems like Samsung decided not to scrap the Galaxy S21 FE project after all.


Unfortunately for those of you who wanted to get the Galaxy S22 in January, that probably won’t happen. The Galaxy S21 FE launch probably means the Galaxy S22 will be announced in February, as rumors have been saying.

The Galaxy S22 series launch will probably be moved to February

None of the tipsters confirmed that just yet, though. Still, it’s unrealistic to expect the Galaxy S22 series to launch alongside the Galaxy S21 FE. That would not be a good move for Samsung, as those phones would affect each other’s sales. Even with a month between their launches, it’s still a stretch.

People in the comments do seem to be a bit annoyed by all this, some of them, at least. Some of them believe that Samsung should cancel the phone altogether at this point.


That is somewhat understandable. The Galaxy S21 FE was expected to launch back in August, alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3. That didn’t end up happening (due to the chip shortage), and the rumors have been all over the place since then.

The device was rumored to arrive in October, for a long time, but that won’t happen either. The next logical guess would be November, but based on this information, that’s also not happening.

Samsung has been postponing the Galaxy S21 FE launch for two long. The company allegedly even thought about scrapping the whole project, and at this point, that may not seem to be a bad idea. January launch may be a bit late for the Galaxy S21 FE, but we’ll see what will happen. Perhaps people end up being extremely interested in the device after all.