Some Galaxy Buds+ Customers Can Get 6 Months of Tidal Streaming Free

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 AM AH 05

Samsung and Tidal just struck a deal revolving around the Galaxy Buds+. According to SamMobile, customers in Poland who buy the Galaxy Buds+ will be able to get half a year of Tidal music streaming for free.

Customers will need to prove they bought the Galaxy Buds+ to get the Tidal subscription

Samsung and Tidal actually have a bit of a history. A few years back, Samsung tried to buy the streaming platform, but apparently, it fell through. Now, they’ve struck this deal that will grant Polish customers half a year of free Tidal music streaming if they buy A pair of Galaxy Buds+.

This is a limited time offer, as they need to be purchased before October 17th. Neither company stated whether this would extend to other European countries or the US yet.


It might be a bit of a chore actually getting the subscription, as the Galaxy Buds+ are no longer on the Samsung store. Instead, the users will be brought to a page that will point them to third-party venders. This means that there probably won’t be a direct way of providing proof of purchase.

After buying the buds, which may range from 349 to 599 zloty (about $88-$150), the customer will need to provide the proof of purchase. If it goes smoothly, within 21 days after buying the Galaxy Buds+, they will then get the Tidal subscription.

So, what is Tidal?

The music streaming market is dominated by services such as Spotify, YouTube Music, and Pandora. Tidal might not be quite as popular as those platforms, but it’s still pretty big. It’s an audio streaming service that has a lot of the latest music to satisfy most music lovers.


Unlike YouTube Music and Pandora, Tidal doesn’t have any free listening plans. Instead, the premium plan will run you $9.99/month. With this, you pretty much get the whole package. You get unlimited ad-free listening with offline playing and unlimited skips. Premium users also get access to videos, livestreams and professionally curated playlists.

If you want just a little bit more from your music, there’s the HiFi plan which is $19.99/month. With this plan, users get all of the features in the premium plan with a few extra goodies. For starters, you’ll be able to listen to high fidelity audio in two favors. There’s better audio at 1411KBPs, and there’s master audio at 2304-9216KBPs.

With the HiFi plan, you will also get to listen to music using Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio. Even though most of the world can’t get Tidal fro buying Galaxy Buds, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial.