Fitbit Launches StrongWill Curriculum With Will Smith

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Will Smith joined Fitbit back in August and launched “Best Shape of My Life,” a collection of YouTube premium videos to help people get into shape. Now, Fitbit announced that it teamed up with the actor again to bring the StrongWill Curriculum. This is a collection of workouts for Fitbit Premium users.

So, what is the StrongWill Curriculum?

The StrongWill Curriculum is a collection of intense workouts and mindfulness exercises led by Smith and other trainers. These aren’t only for your physical health, they target mindfulness also. This curriculum is tailored to really benefit the average Joe, as they don’t require any workout equipment or a gym to pull off.

The first set of workouts will focus on bodyweight exercises. These put emphasis on the types of workouts that use your body’s own weight instead of relying on equipment.


The second set will focus on your core; these are exercises that will shape your abdominals, obliques, diaphragm, pelvic floor, trunk extensors, and hip flexors.

The third set will take a break from shaping your body and will work on your mind. This will be a “mindful look inward to hone your mental fitness.”  You can expect meditation and breathing exercises with this set.

The fourth set will introduce mobility flow yoga. You’ll work on your flexibility, dexterity, and stability with this exercise, which is just as important as raw strength.


On the fifth set, you’ll be doing cardio to help you get your heart in shape. The last set will be some high-intensity upper body workouts to engage your upper body and your core.

This is only going to be for Fitbit premium users

If you’re interested in the StrongWill Curriculum, you’ll need to be a member of Fitbit’s premium club. You’ll be able to access these workouts along with over 200 others. If you’re really conscious about your health, there are a bunch of features and benefits to Fitbit premium.

You’ll get more detailed reports and insights on your workouts, sleeping, stress, and other aspects of your health. If you want to sign up for Fitbit premium, it’s $9.99/month or $79.99/year.


Fitbit is also pushing its Charge 5 tracker

Fitbit also made a point to advertise its newest fitness tracker, the Charge 5. It has the usual features you’ll find on a fitness tracker such as a heart rate monitor, NCF, blood oxygen sensor, ambient light sensor, and so on. The company promises a 7-day battery life, but that all depends on usage.

If those features didn’t entice you enough, the company is also throwing in a 6-month Fitbit Premium membership. You can buy the Fitbit Charge 5 here.