Facebook Messenger Gets New AR Effects for Group Video Calls

Facebook Messenger AH NS 02 AH 2019

Facebook is bringing new AR (augmented reality) features to group video calls on Messenger and Messenger Rooms. The social media giant said that the “group effects” feature will also make its way to Instagram soon.

Group effects are fairly simple and apply to every participant in a group video call. Facebook said it wants to ensure AR effects are shared by everyone in the call. There are over 70 group effects to choose from. Further, users will also find a game that involves individual participation to build the fastest virtual burger among call participants (via).

Users can find these new group effects within the effects section. You can open the effects tray by creating a room or starting a video call and tapping the smiley face.


“Group Effects provide a more engaging and interactive way to connect with your friends. They also support the creator community and give people more ways to express themselves,” Facebook said in a post.

Facebook is also bringing a “suggested word effects” feature to Messenger

Additionally, Messenger is also getting a new “suggested word effects” feature. This will launch an animation inside the chat window. While word effects were already available to some extent, Facebook said it will now include everyday phrases too. This feature will first make its way to iOS devices and will hit Android over the next few weeks.

Facebook also unveiled new James Bond-themed “soundmojis” as “No Time To Die” hit theatres recently. Some new chat themes are included as well, including Halloween-centric themes. The company said it will bring four haunted world AR effects ahead of Halloween in just over a week’s time.


The inclusion of newer AR features could be an indication of things to come. Facebook has previously said it wants to develop a metaverse. To this end, a recent report claimed that the company wants to rebrand itself, possibly with a new name.

The idea here is to establish a conglomerate with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other services coming under a parent company. This is similar to Google’s restructuring of its operations with the creation of Alphabet Inc in 2015.

A report said that Facebook will offer additional details of its rebranding at the Facebook Connect conference on October 28, so we don’t have to wait much longer.