Facebook Introduced Meta: A Social Technology Company

Meta Logo

For a little while, we’ve been wondering what Mark Zuckerberg was planning with this alleged name change for Facebook. At Connect 2021 today, Zuckerberg introduced the social technology company named Meta. This is going to be sort of an umbrella company that will include Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus.

The Meta Social Technology Company will bring the “Metaverse” to life

Facebook is currently (and probably always will be) in legal trouble over data leaks and deceptive practices. Despite all of this, the company still thinks it’s necessary to rebrand. Instead of Facebook being the overarching company that owns other social media platforms, it’s now under Meta’s wing.

It’s tough really getting any tangible information from the keynote and all the reports. A lot of what Mark Zuckerberg talked about was the future of Meta; a lot of “what if” talk. He’s pitching Meta as a unified hub for a bunch of social technology services. He mentioned things like VR services, AR services, gaming, and of course, communication.


Some of the company’s ambitious ventures include making chat rooms in the VR space, having messages pop up in thin air using AR, and playing holographic chess. Again, this involves a lot of “what if.”

At this point, all that can really be said is that the Meta Social Technology Company is a unified ecosystem of services.

In Other Facebook News: Facebook will focus more on young adults

Facebook has been facing some resistance when it comes to youths. The company has been fighting with multiple state attorneys about the Instagram app for kids. However, this isn’t stopping the company from focusing on young people.


At the company’s Q3 earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook wants to make young adults a priority. For starters, it will be making some changes to Facebook and Instagram to focus on videos. Basically, it wants to challenge TikTok and make Reels a central part of the experience.

Zuckerberg also mentioned that there will be some internal “retooling” to help prioritize young adults. He didn’t really elaborate on that, but he did say that young users are the company’s “North Star.” He said that a change like this was going to take some years to complete.

This really just seems like young adults are people who are on Facebook more often. This means that they make the company the most money; so it makes sense why the company is doing this.