Dimensity 2000 To Be 20% More Power-Efficient Than Snapdragon 898

MediaTek Dimensity 5G SoC specs architecture

It’s that time of the year when the next-gen flagship smartphone SoCs start taking shape. The world’s two biggest chipmakers — Qualcomm and MediaTek — are both hard at work on their respective next-gen offerings, the Snapdragon 898 and the Dimensity 2000. It appears the former may lead the latter in at least one aspect: power efficiency. A new report suggests that MediaTek’s solution will be around 20-25 percent more power-efficient than the Qualcomm counterpart.

There have been reports that the Dimensity 2000 will match the Snapdragon 898 specs-by-specs. MediaTek is preparing to jump straight from the 6nm process technology to 4nm to match its rivals. The Taiwanese company is also reportedly using ARM’s latest V9 architecture and the Cortex-X2 Super Core for maximum performance.

These are the same specs that we are also expecting on the Snapdragon 898. The two solutions might still offer different clock speeds, or perhaps different CPU core arrangements, but the overall processor performance may not vary much. And if MediaTek manages to make its offering more power-efficient than its rival’s, then we might be in for an interesting battle here.


The new report adds that MediaTek is planning to launch the Dimensity 2000 at the end of this year or early next year. It is looking to become the world’s first chipmaker to introduce a 4nm processor. We will have to wait and see if the company succeeds in that goal.

Dimensity 2000 may allow MediaTek to truly challenge Qualcomm in the flagship SoC segment

MediaTek has been getting the better of Qualcomm in the smartphone application processor (AP) market recently. The Taiwanese firm overthrew Qualcomm as the biggest smartphone chipset vendor in the world for the first time in the third quarter of 2020. The company hasn’t looked back since. It has further extended the lead over its arch-rival in recent months.

But there’s one area where MediaTek has been struggling to truly challenge Qualcomm: the flagship segment. The Taiwanese firm returned to the flagship smartphone SoC market with its Dimensity lineup a couple of years back. It has significantly improved its offerings since then. However, OEMs still mostly prefer Qualcomm’s Snapdragon solution when it comes to flagship models.


Things might change next year though. MediaTek seems to have an ace up its sleeves this time around and it could pose a real threat to Qualcomm. Time will tell whether the upcoming Dimensity 2000 can perform better, or at least be as good as the Snapdragon 898. We expect to hear more about both chipsets in the coming months.