Destiny 2: Beyond Light Comes To Xbox Game Pass For PC This Month

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is at it again with its next crop of Game Pass games, which includes Destiny 2: Beyond Light. To be more clear though, this is being added to Game Pass for PC as an install and not cloud games. Which just recently launched outside of a closed access program for Insiders.

Destiny 2 has been available on Game Pass for some time now through the cloud. So if you’ve been accessing Game Pass cloud games through your Android smartphone or tablet, or on PC as an Insider, then you’ve no doubt seen the game floating around. The fact that it’s now coming to the PC version of Game Pass as an install though opens up the access to more players.

So, aspiring guardians can get in on the action from the comfort of their own PC and play with a keyboard and mouse. Or a controller if that’s your jam.


Destiny 2: Beyond Light will hit Xbox Game Pass for PC on October 12

Next week Tuesday, you can jump into the game on PC so long as you have a subscription to Xbox Game Pass for PC, or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. As noted above this is the PC version of the game for installation. And not the cloud version subscribers have had access to for a while.

This will let players install the game on their PC as part of the Game Pass subscription instead of having to stream it. Which means they won’t have to buy the Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion to get access to all of its content. You will still have to buy the seasonal content though.

More games are on the way!

Destiny 2 isn’t the only game coming to Game Pass for PC. So if looter shooters aren’t your thing, there’s more to choose from. Back 4 Blood lands on cloud, console, and PC on October 12. Meanwhile today you get access to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on all three platforms.


The Procession To Calvary arrives October 7 alongside Visage. And on October 14 you get Ring Of Pain and The Riftbreaker. Worth noting is that The Riftbreaker is only available on Xbox Series X|S and not on Xbox One for Game Pass subscribers. Lastly, The Good Life lands on October 15.