Battlefield Hazard Zone Is A High-Stakes Recovery Mission

Battlefield Hazard Zone

EA just unveiled Battlefield Hazard Zone this morning, a high-stakes recovery mission mode in Battlefield 2042. And the last remaining mode that it had yet to reveal to the public. Up until today, it had only revealed details for Conquest, Breakthrough, and Portal. it also just recently held the early access and open beta, which featured Conquest only.

In Battlefield Hazard Zone, players will squad up in teams of four and must recover a set of data drives that are placed throughout the map. Sounds easy right? Not so fast. Because players will also have to contend with other four-man teams that have the exact same objective. Recover the data drives, then extract to grab the victory.

If that wasn’t enough, players also have to recover the drives before a really nasty storm sets in. Lest they be swept away. To top it all off, each player only gets one life. No respawns (technically), and no mercy.


The Battlefield Hazard Zone mode demands you think critically about every decision

EA says every decision counts in this new mode. Suggesting that players will need to really think critically about every little detail if they want to be the winning team. This means you’ll want to plan out what specialists you and your squad pick before deploying.

Just like in high-tier League Of Legends matches or in higher difficulty raids, players will want to make sure their team is balanced. This goes for weapons and equipment too. With EA noting that “choosing wisely at this stage can make the difference between success and failure.”

Uplinks can be your best friend

While there might not be respawns in the traditional sense, there is a chance that you can bring your squad members back. This is possible through the use of Uplinks – special laptops you can find randomly throughout the map which give you a specific advantage. Almost like a power boost of sorts.


There are three types of Uplinks to be aware of, and one of them is a Reinforcement Uplink. It’s this Uplink which allows you to gift a redeploy to downed members of the team. So in theory, if you’re the only person left alive, you could bring back all three downed members if you happen to find a Reinforcement Uplink.

The other two Uplinks are Vehicle, and Ranger. Battlefield Hazard Zone will be available to select as one of the modes with the game at launch.