Android TV Remote Coming To Google App For iOS and Android

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Last month, Google released the Android TV remote for its respective app. Since then, we’ve been seeing hints that it might be making it to other apps and mobile platforms. According to 9To5Google, Google will be officially bringing the Android TV remote function to the Google Home app.

The Android TV Remote function will also be available on iOS

Google announced the Android TV remote back during Google I/O this year. Since last month, it’s been making its way onto devices via the Android TV app. Recently, there have been traces of the remote function spotted in the Google Home apps for iOS and Android.

This is a digital remote that you can use to control the content you’re watching on your Android-powered TV or Chromecast. It’s pretty basic, having your volume up and down buttons, a mute button, a back button, a home button, and a Google Assistant button.


While this will be great for both mobile platforms, the addition of an Android TV remote adds a lot to iOS users with the Google Home App. It will finally grant iOS users the ability to control Android TVs and Chromecasts.

Other details on this are still scarce

Folks who want the Android TV remote on the Google Home app will have to wait. Google didn’t state when it will be launching this to the masses just yet. The fact that it’s already being seen in the app’s code means that we might not have to wait too long. Companies usually put upcoming features in the app just before they actually launch.

We also don’t know if the remote will differ between iOS and Android. There are sometimes slight differences between the same app on different platforms. If there are any, we don’t expect them to be extreme.


Other Google news includes ‘Pixel Pass’

Even though Google is a multi-billion dollar company, it’s still finding ways of monetizing its services. The Pixel 6 duo is extremely close to launching, and we know that Google will be getting money through sales. The company, however, might have another revenue stream in mind.

A leak on Twitter points to a subscription service called Pixel Pass. It looks like Pixel owners will pay a monthly subscription fee to get a bunch of perks. It’s called Pixel Pass, and there will be an extended warranty, Google One storage, Play Pass, YouTube Premium, Google-Fi, and YouTube Music.

This sounds like a really good deal if you use all of these services but don’t want to pay for all of them separately. There’s no word on how much this will cost, but we should get more information on it when the Pixel 6 phones officially launch. They’ll officially hit the shelves on October 19th.