Android Applications That Facilitate Distance Learning In 2021

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Even relatively young people could not have seen this coming. The internet is only a few decades old, and during its early days, you could run a blog or download an image. Nothing too fancy was possible.
But nobody expected the world’s school systems to move online, overnight.

In many ways, Zoom classes have simplified many learning aspects, but they also complicated them. The fact that scholastic performance is plummeting across the world does throw some shade across distance learning as a method.

Regardless, the situation is what it is. The pandemic isn’t going anywhere at least for the foreseeable future. In addition, new variants threaten to prolong this new state of affairs indefinitely.


Each student is different

The needs of a college student are different from those of a simple primary school pupil. Their technological competence will vary as well. Also, the school in question will have something to say.

For example, even if you may want to use MS Teams, you can’t go against the grain. If your classes are held on Zoom, you must conform. To some extent, a list of apps is useless depending on your university’s policy.
However, the most conscientious students will use more than what is taught in class.

For example, you may want to hire a research proposal writer in order to guarantee a high grade. That effort is “optional”, but it may be necessary if you wish to stay competitive.
Or, you may want to brush up on some skills that your college or high school courses barely covered.


There are learning platforms that cover almost any subject under the Sun. And, of course, they have apps to make them easier to access.

Even 5-6 years ago, online businesses would worry about their site being mobile-compatible. Everything had to be displayed to fit a mobile screen, the writing would have to resize properly, plugins and widgets still had to work, etc.

Nowadays, you need an app. Customers barely visit websites any more. Why navigate a site menu when the app is much more practical and intuitive?


In terms of categorization, let’s divide applications based on their niche/purpose:

The bare minimum

Before things get more complicated and you start looking for a college-paper.org site review, and before you decide to contract a freelancer to help you out, be sure you have the necessities for online classes.

1. Google Docs

No matter the nature of the class, odds are that you will have to write. Google Docs has become a writer’s best friend, because it allows you to write on the fly, without having to worry about file storage, constantly saving, or the power going out.


Google Docs saves automatically, and it incorporates every piece of tech that you would come to expect from a decent word processor. You can control all aspects of the font, page layout, tools, add-ons, etc.

In addition, it is compatible with some of the major spellcheck software.

The best part is that Google Docs is free to use. No fees are required, with the only downside being privacy. Google will see what you are writing, given that they store it. Online copies will always pose a greater risk, no matter the circumstance.


Still, G-docs is by far the best, easiest to use and cheapest way to write and keep track of what you wrote.

2. Grammarly

Writing on a mobile device or in a remote learning circumstance can be difficult, especially for men. There is only so much screen real estate that apps have to work with.
Also, given that men are generally physically larger, they also have larger hands and fingers. This can make it more difficult to type on a tiny screen.

Most people make many more spelling errors while typing on a mobile device than they would with a mechanical keyboard. It’s nobody’s fault, given the inherent limitations of the medium.


Or, English may not be your first language. In an age of globalization, people are moving to other countries constantly. Given that some of the most popular destinations are English-speaking nations, the new citizens may need a little help writing in the native tongue of their new home.

Regardless of the reason, Grammarly is here to help. Primarily, this software is designed to correct grammar and spelling errors. These services are free and are included in the basic package.

However, you can pay for a premium version that offers much more utility. Premium Grammarly can correct things that are not outright errors. For example, you may be over-using a word, and Grammarly will suggest a synonym.


Also, it can tone-police, making sure that the entire text fits into business, casual, friendly, or formal categories.

Online courses:

1. Udemy

Udemy is responsible for creating more professionals than many Universities. In a world where tech skills are in higher demand, Udemy allows you to pick up said skills in a matter of weeks. Of course, you have to make an action plan and practice constantly.
Yet, the video courses on this site and its application are tailored for the average user. A quick scroll through the comment section of popular courses will reveal that many started lucrative careers as software testers, analysts, and programmers.

2. Coursera

In terms of the sheer volume of information, Coursera is probably the world’s biggest internet course site. This isn’t just a few freelancers trying to make some money on the side by teaching strangers on the web.
You can find classes from some of the best teachers in the world, and information from professors that work at the highest levels of Academia.

3. Khan Academy

We spend nearly a third of our lives in school, and it’s sad to think that not much of that vast volume of information stays with us. Most people do not remember their high-school biology, chemistry, history, math, or basic IT classes.
Khan Academy is the best platform for re-learning what was lost with time. This platform shines at this role.

Communication software

Even though it is still unpleasant, this has to be the most comfortable quarantine in human history. Aside from basic necessities such as air conditioning, running water, food, and medicine, we also have the internet.

Loneliness can have serious mental consequences, even driving people to severe mental breakdowns. Yet, by installing some applications, you will be able to talk to anyone in the world instantly.


Just a short while ago, Skype was the king of conference software. No app even came close to its success. It offers reliable quality when it comes to images and sound. Also, it is free to use.
Arguably better alternatives started popping up, culminating in the universal adoption of a rival app named Zoom.

Overall, Skype is decent if your calls don’t involve many people. It does not do well if more than 3-4 participants want to attend the conference. Thus, it is not optimal for remote learning.


To be honest, you don’t get a choice whether to use Zoom or not. It seems that it was adopted unanimously across the globe. Odds are that your school uses it for classes, hangouts, and exams.
Zoom can experience some issues such as frame freezes and latency, but overall its quality is superior. There’s a reason why millions have come to rely on it.


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Life is often compared to the game of Poker. You don’t get to decide the cards that you will be dealt. You just have to play the hand as it is.
We are in a similar situation. We cannot decide when, or how the lockdowns and pandemics will end. We can only make the best out of a bad situation. While online classes are not optimal, there are applications to improve and streamline this experience.

It is close to miraculous that technology has evolved so far, that we can attend school from the comfort of our home.