Foldables & Tablets Getting Android 12L in 2022

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 AM AH 06

The Android Dev Summit kicked off today, and Google announced that there is an upcoming update coming for Android 12. It’ll be called “Android 12L” and will be primarily focused on tablets and foldables.

This sounds like the Android 12.1 update we had heard about back in September.

Android 12L is going to optimize the layout of a device’s UI. It will also adjust the placement of the home screen, lock screen, notifications and Quick Settings, among other things. Google says that any display that uses 600 density independent pixels or higher will display a two-column layout. So that it can make use of the entire screen.


android 12l messaging png

Android 12L will bring in a new, desktop-like taskbar

Android 12L will also debut a new taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Which looks an awful lot like Chrome OS or even Windows on the desktop. Google is going to allow you to drag and drop an app from the taskbar, which will open it up in split-screen mode.

This is enabled for all apps, whether they are resizable or not. Meaning that even Instagram will work here.


Android 12L is also going to bring improved letterboxing which should make apps look more appealing. There will also also be added rounded corners and Google is tweaking the position of the inset window.

Google is expecting to release Android 12L in early 2022. Though, you’ll be able to try out the features now on the Android 12L developer preview page. Which will allow you to download the emulator, and get started.

Google is working with its OEM partners on Android 12L, and an update for a developer preview of 12L on the Lenovo P12 Pro tablet is in the works, currently.


This update seems to be more aimed at tablets, and those larger foldables like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and not the Galaxy Z Flip 3.