Android 12 Is Now Rolling Out To Google Pixel Smartphones

Android 12 App Switcher AM AH

After pushing Android 12 to AOSP earlier this month, the stable build is now rolling out via OTA to Pixel owners. If you own a Pixel 3 or newer, it’s a good idea to check for an update on your phone. As it is now rolling out.

As always, this update will be rolling out in a staged rollout. The reason for this is so that Google can make sure that there aren’t any bugs that are keeping devices from updating. Sometimes there are bugs that appear that Google did not see in its private or public testing (via the preview and beta builds). So it needs to make sure that the devices that updated do come back online. Additionally, it’s also a good idea to do a staged rollout, as this update is going to be fairly large. And having millions download it all at once is not a good idea.

Can I upgrade to Android 12?

Google promises three years of updates to Pixel smartphones. And this year, the Pixel 3 and newer are all getting updated to Android 12. It’ll likely be the last time that Pixel 3 (and possibly the Pixel 3a) get a new version of Android from Google. But we have seen Google go above and beyond with update promises in the past. The original and Pixel 2 both were promised two years, and got three.


If you have another smartphone, that is not a Pixel, you can likely still upgrade, but not today. Samsung and ASUS have already started their Android 12 betas. And we’d expect to see Samsung start rolling out Android 12 to its flagship smartphones in the next month or two.

Pretty much, any smartphone released in 2021, and even 2020 will get updated. 2019 smartphones may have a question mark though. You’ll want to keep an eye out for news from your manufacturer on those updates.